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The Project Name Generator makes5,000,000 random and unique project names. the project names are perfect to use as code names for all kind of business projects.

Project Names list

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The Project Name Generator

The Project Name Generator makes creative and random project names for a broad range of business projects.

The project name generator use words list with descriptive adjectives, animals, nouns, verbs scientific expressions, gods, numbers etc. to make good project names.

By random functions the words form the lists are combined to new and creative combinations. It's often the unexpected combination of words that makes the best project names. Combinations that add that extra little something to makes the project stick out. Makes it remarkable, significant or even catchy.

All project names are randomly generated and the project name generator is capable of making more than 5 million unique and different names.

After generation the result is saved to the list of project names, where you can copy all the names generated in the session. So you will not miss any suggestions even if you click the button too fast.

New ideas for project names

A generator is a perfect tool to get creative suggestions and new ideas for project names.

Very likely the generator won't come up with the perfect ideas for project names you were looking for. Some of the suggestions and ideas might even seem bad or down right stupid. It's quite natural when you are asking a machine to do a job more suited for humans.

A simple computer program is simple not able to distinct the subtle nuances that distinguish the stupid suggestion from the good idea for a project name.

So if you don't like the first ideas, just take it easy and push the button again and again until you find that inspiration you came for.

How to make good project names

Good project names are as all other names often a question of personal preferences. Shall they be dead serious or may they be fun and humorous?

You can use many different methods to make great project names. Some use whisky or beer names, brand or labels for naming their projects. Some use animals like birds, mammals or reptiles. Others use colors, body parts, mathematical, physical or economical expressions and words to form their project names.

Other methods to make great project names includes using anagrams. Anagrams based on the starting letters in the projects purpose and content. Maybe combined with random letters and numbers to give the final project title a catchy meaning or catchy sound or spelling. Or the anagram can have more or less subtle hints to what the project is dealing with in the first place.

Or you can use combinations of all the above. The method itself is of no importance. The goal is to create good project titles that are easy to remember, pronounce, spell and will inspire the project team members to give their best.

Funny project names

Funny project names can be dangerous for serious projects. But it widely depends on the culture in the company you work. Humor can be very appealing, but be aware that not everyone share the same kind of humor. And what you thinks is funny project names someone else might find very corny, stupid or even offending.

With that in mind I personally prefers a the funny approach. Humor can spice things up and add dedication to project. As well as bring project team members closer together.

Sometimes a funny project name can also make some annoying and tiresome work more bearable. It can be used as a steam vent. I just finished a job where official codename included the name of a library and a university. My internal working title used under development was "Stinking Monkey" which pretty much describes my feeling on several levels towards the job. ;)

Using the generator

My generators should be easy to use for everybody. I don't required any inputs to do or choice to make to get started with names generation. user research that 95% of the users only use the basic features of modern web applications. And the naming itself is indeed in this case the basic feature.

More complex features could be nice to have, but applying new features often just cluster the user interface for the majority users and are only beneficial for a minority of the users.

When it comes to the user interface design, it's important for me that users immediately is able to understand and use the usage of the generators. Therefore the generation button is huge, and generated names and save list are holding a prominent placement on the page.

JavaScript programming

JavaScript also increase the usability of the generators. JavaScript is executed locally in your browser. Local execution makes generation so fast is its experienced as being instantly. makes the application just as fast as desktop application.

Furthermore makes the locally executed script makes all the generated project names private. No one else can see what is run in your on your computer in your browser.