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Create more than 2 million random brand names with the Brand Generator. New ideas for brands are generated with a single click. All brand ideas are saved to a list of cool brand names.

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Brand Name Generator

The Brand Name Generator will make catchy, creative and cool brand names suited for a wide variety of products and services. The Brand name generator is a free online tool, that is very easy to use for everybody.


Good brand names are catchy, easy to remember and pronounce. They signalize professionalism, dedication, trust and provide positive images about the product or service your business are trying to promote

Coming up with the perfect cool brand is not an easy task. And it is pretty much impossible for a name generator to make the perfect brand name. But the generators random process can help you think out of the box. It will help you coming up with new and creative ideas for good product names. That way a randomizer can be an invaluable tool in brainstorm process.

If you don't like the first name, just click the button again and let the brand name generator make yet another suggestion for you.

Get the most from the Brand Name Generator

The Brand Name Generator are designed to make generic product names. Brands that are usable for a whole lot of different business areas, products or online services.

If you're looking for a more specific and narrow name use the brand name generator as a source of inspiration. You can re-use the highly generic abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes that the randomizer use. Just combine them with your own ideas and more specific product names to obtain your personal product names.

Just remember to generate a whole bunch of different brand ideas, copy and save or print the list. Then it's easy to return to it when you need new inspiration.

How to make cool brand names?

The brand generator uses arrays of abbreviations, syllables and generic short words known from science, economy and marketing. These words short words are randomly combined in to new creative combinations to make the new cool brand names.

Behind the word arrays a complex random algorithms decide which words or syllables are used as prefixes, base name and suffixes.

This random algorithm also randomly make strange or backwards word combinations. It will some times result in bad suggestions and ideas, but on many occasions, it will also give you new creative names, that will provide you some inspiration for you own naming.

Remember these bad brand names are a result of that I will take chances in the random generation. But it serves a higher purpose, namely making the odd, strange and unexpected brand suggestion. Just ignore the bad suggestions and hurry on to create a new suggestion, if you dislike the previous idea.

Programming of the generator

All my business generators are programmed in JavaScript. JavaScript is executed locally in your browser making it a very fast technology to use. I use native handwritten JavaScript optimized for random generation. No use of heavy and much slower JavaScript libraries like jQuery. It makes the business generators among the fastest and most reliable name generators on the Internet today.

The locally executed code also gives you the highest possible degree of privacy. Nobody else can see the brand ideas and suggestions made in your browser. It gives you times to consider the brand ideas with no interference. Researching domain availability and investigating competing names and brands with no hurry or fear of others stealing you good ideas.

A simple user interface

The Brand Name Generator are designed a very simplistic user interface. Usability and easy access to the web application has been my main focus.

No need for annoying and time consuming keyboard inputs. Just a distinct button to push. Brands are generated with a single click on the prominent button. Names is shown in bold types instantly with no load times and no waits.

Finally all the generated outputs are saved to a list of names that is easy to print or save. And from the savelist it is also very easy to perform a domain availability check of the suggested brands.